New DNA Tests Are Connecting Families And Medical Histories Like Never Before

family dna tests

Once confined to the halls of medical clinics and hospitals, online genealogical DNA tests – sometimes called ancestry DNA tests – are quickly shifting medical information out to the people they affect most: consumers.

No longer is it necessary to see a medical professional to buy DNA tests and find out your results.

Dozens of new online DNA testing services have come onto the market since the early 2000s, offering a convenient way to submit samples and receive results without leaving your house.…

Pre-Employment Medical Screening

Pre-Employment Medical Screening

The Pre-Employment Medical Screening procedure refers to a series of examinations that are conducted on potential new hires to ensure that their psychological and physical well being is not compromised to perform the new job functions.  Testing also gives the employers a chance to catch new hires that are drug users or potential drug addicts.

As an employer, you need to keep safety in mind for other employees as well as the new hire.…

Anonymous STD Testing Kits Are Available Online

online STD test services helps catch diseases early

If you are leading an active sexual life, then getting regularly checked for sexually transmitted disease (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is very important.  This is especially important because most sexually transmitted infections do not have early symptoms or have very mild ones that are easily missed.

Fortunately, there is a new way to get STD tested at a lower price and with guaranteed full anonymity.  And this is through online STD test services.

Despite this, many people shy away from visiting hospitals or clinics for STD/STI Testing.  …

DNA Screening For Cancer: A 2015 Update

DNA screening for cancer 2015 update

Successful cancer treatment and symptom management depend largely on early detection through medical testing.  But even though modern medicine has made huge progress in the early screening of cancer, too many patients are still not getting the early diagnosis that is crucial.

Additionally, some forms of cancer such as ovarian cancer and liver cancer are very difficult to detect early in their progression.  DNA testing is one of the brightest new points of hope in the fight for early cancer diagnosis.

DNA testing for cancer not only helps detect …