Figuring Out What Is The Right Medication For You

testing for a drug allergy

Most times, your doctor can diagnose a drug allergy, depending on your symptoms. At times, however, drug allergies are more difficult to pin down. In these situations, he can suggest drug allergy testing.

The Different Types Of Drug Allergy Tests

1. Skin Test

A doctor inserts a small amount of the medicine onto your skin and waits to observe if you have a reaction. Skin tests only go for some kinds of medications, such as penicillin and other antibiotics, a few cancer drugs, and muscle relaxants.…

New DNA Tests Are Connecting Families And Medical Histories Like Never Before

family dna tests

Once confined to the halls of medical clinics and hospitals, online genealogical DNA tests – sometimes called ancestry DNA tests – are quickly shifting medical information out to the people they affect most:┬áconsumers.

No longer is it necessary to see a medical professional to buy DNA tests and find out your results.

Dozens of new online DNA testing services have come onto the market since the early 2000s, offering a convenient way to submit samples and receive results without leaving your house.…